What To Expect

BBC Pulpit 18

A Warmhearted Reception

The members of Beacon Baptist Church (BBC) are warm and friendly; you can expect to be greeted with genuine smiles and welcomed with kind words. It is our sincerest desire that all our guests feel at home when they visit our church.

All first-time visitors are asked to fill out a visitor’s card. We love to recognize all our guests. All local visitors receive a Visitor’s Welcome Packet.


Sunday School

BBC is not a large church. Therefore, our Sunday School program is not divided into a vast number of classes. However, we do have a sufficient number of Sunday School classes to suit all ages.

Each Sunday School teacher personally prepares their lesson from the Bible and conducts their class according the leading of the Lord.

The adult Sunday School class is specifically designed as a ‘teaching’ class. The pastor asks that all questions be presented to him after Sunday morning services. This maintains the continuity of each lesson, and it insures class composure and progress.


Worshipping the Lord in Song

During our worship services, we praise and honor our Saviour by singing hymns from our hymnbooks. Often, we will have special presentations of music and/or singing by certain of our membership, and on occasion approved singing groups will minister in song during our services.


Tithes and Offerings

An offering is received during each service. However, we do not expect or request our visitors to take part in this portion of our worship service. Guests should feel no obligation to give an offering. BBC is supported solely by the tithes and offerings of its members.


Teaching and Preaching

Teaching and preaching in all of our services is from the Bible. All teaching is doctrinally sound and clearly applicable. The preaching is strong, straightforward and saturated with scripture, yet resplendent with tenderness and compassion.


Closing Invitation

In the closing moments of each service, BBC does offer an invitation (or altar call). This gives everyone an opportunity to respond to the word of the Lord, which has been preached. This is invitational, not compulsory.



A nursery is provided for babies and toddlers from ages newborn to three. We also have streaming video and audio of the services provided for mothers who need to accompany their children in the nursery. Our nursery is also equipped with video surveillance and recording.



Our members, for the most part, wear their best attire during church services. However, we place no constraint on our visitors. Casual dress is acceptable. Please, feel free to come as your are. However, we would gently and kindly request, for the benefit of our other guests and our members, that no attire be worn that would distract or disturb the services.

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